May 4-7th, 2017 at SKYTING YOGA

Cost: $750



A. Supine, Hips Unilateral & Bilateral Flexion, Extension, Rotation, Abduction, Adduction. SupineTwists. Easy Yoganidrasanas

Introducing "Primary Action" vs "Secondary Stabilization"

B. Kneeling & Prone, Shoulders "Setting" the Shoulders. "Lifting the Spine" by the Breastbone, Collarbones and Lower Posterior Thorax. Yogamudra (fingers interlaced behind the back). Towards a Lotus Bind. Reverse Namaste. Gomukasana Arms. Garudasana Arms. Supported Extension of the Spine Prone (Cobra)

C. Seated, Hips Pigeon, straddle, baddha Kona, paschimotana, janu shirsa, gomuka, dwi pada kopatana, virasana

D. Supine Neck The Major Landmarks of the Skull. "The Four Corners" of the Skull. The Jaw. The Sinuses. Pituitary. Pineal. Basic Spinal Traction. Supported Flexion & Rotation of the Neck. The Foot-to-Shoulder Connection. Supported Fish




PART II: Assisting Bodies in Motion - Summer 2017 in New York

A. Quadripeds downdog, updog, plank, chatturanga, knees/chest/chin, downdog split open & square, tabletop, bridge, wheel

B. 2-Foot Balances tadasana, urdva hasta, uttanasana, flat back, crescent lunge, pyramid, high lunge, warriors 1 &2, triangle, ext rt angle, twisting right angle, twisting triangle, straddle, squat

C. Basic Inversion Assists

D. Surya & Chandra Namskaras: Putting It All Together